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RE: the protests that became a tragic course correction of inactivity

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Agreed the role of the lockdown in all of this has been largely ignored... because that would bring into question the justifications for it in the first place. Keep in mind that there is a possibility of a further lockdown if there happens to be a second wave of the virus. If you thin people are losing their sh*t right now, you haven't seen anything yet if we go for a second round.

The danger is the rise of mob mentality. It takes on a life of its own carrying individuals along with it and crushing those that stand in it's way. Carl Jung watched this happen across the boarder with Germany. Clinically he referred to it as a mass psychosis, in philosophical or esoteric sense, he referred to it as a possession by the collective unconscious. And he did mean, possession.

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” - Nietzsche


you likely hit the nail on the head with is being ignored so as to not have to evaluate it's actual worth...which I would contend ( based on the numbers) was not worth anything. Be i correct or incorrect on that, is should be obvious how much the lockdown had to do with all this.

I think...( but I would bet no money on it ) that at least in this country they'll have very little sucsess getting a 2nd lockdown for a second wave.

I'm in agreement with Jung and Nietzche as far as that goes, and I'm becoming less and less skeptical of the concept of "collective unconscious"

Sorry, I replied in the wrong place, the reply is above.

Unfortunately, you're going to have a ringside seat to watch the collective unconscious play out. The trick is to not be seduced by it. Red flags are when you start think / speaking in accusative terms of they and them. Our own mental hygiene is paramount. But you won't see that pushed in any governmental public health messages anytime soon as they are at the epicentre of the psychosis.

Ooops! I just made an accusative they presumption. 😆