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Winners for the provable fair lotto drawing

lottery typehourly
Prize pool0.100 SBD
Winning tickets5
Server seed67caa54ed538edc04fe8792697b0e408a57d274c57a8eeef351d797f71414cfc
Server hash0ece3ee1d4829b0ee8bbe6ff19a661e647ae0e52f369b58e70f0455c87ff2abf
Server txid39b0055e053b952c39f3636049e83012faee95a1
raulcopy0.065 SBD
steinz0.030 SBD

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Send SBD to @fairlotto with memo: hourly or daily

LottoTicket PriceGuaranteed Prize PoolMin. Tickets For Drawing
hourly0.01 SBD0.10 SBD5
daily0.10 SBD1.0 SBD5
Example: buy 1 hourly ticket - Send 0.01 SBD to @fairlotto memo: hourly

Payout structure

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This gambling is cool

Hi @fairlotto, this is a heads up because you are being targeted by the @sadkitten

My friend @conformity was also targeted, his steemit blog is now greyed out (i think this is probably because of the amount of flags @sadkitten gave)

I'm not sure, there doesn't seem to be any information regarding this greying out censorship.

So you may wish to research this before you blog is also censored.

Don't bother asking @personz for help ~ he likes to give out advice and "make things" rather than caring about / assessing the damage he is doing.

If you do find out could you let me know, thanks

Thanks for your information

@fairlotto Amazing idea, I like that. how can i get more information about that?