Never take anything for granted, especially love.

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Was it rain that pattered away on the canvas of our yurt or was it Cupid firing down an endless stream of arrows in an attempt to keep us under the covers? What began as cosy soon became heated, but was it the log burner we lit creating this intense heat, or was it the sudden release of a passion we’d been forced to lock away in absence of one another?
Not wanting the night to end but at the same time wanting to close our eyes just so we could wake up in each other’s arms was a strange feeling. Too much time had passed since we enjoyed such a simple pleasure and every night alone had only served to stoke the embers of our love. Our time away may have been short but inside that yurt we fell in love all over again. We wrote our intentions for one another into the night sky and declared our love to the rising sun. An eternal, unbreakable, bond, forged in good times and adversity, tempered by an unwavering desire to be together, and immortalised by the realisation that one cannot live without the other.



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That was a 10/10 on the romantic scale. Good job.

Thank, @mypathtofire. I have my moments. She's a lucky lady 😆

So. Beautiful my friend, love seeing those smiles! You're both glowing! !LUV !ALIVE

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Thanks! It was a very special weekend. Deserved putting into words 🙂