Are we obliged to help others? No.18

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Time is precious. Even I have wasted time and I now regret it. Why did I waste my time just watching some shows on the TV, I am not sure, now. Back then, when there was no internet or even mobile technology, there was no other way to entertain yourself other than going to the movies or watching television programs which were few but really good.

If it were today, I would not have spent time sitting before a set.

I wrote about this to point out the time being wasted in watching others have fun or doing activities.


Back to the title - Are we obliged to help others? No.18 from the list above.

I am not doing the daily challenge. I just chose a random question I liked.


We are not obliged or even forced to help others.
However, would it not be nice if we take a moment to help those who need it, genuinely?

All my life, I have faced a lot of tough situations and many have gone out of the way to help me. So, I feel I too should help others in the best way I can.

Like for instance, I had to visit my grandparents when the family was celebrating my grandpa's 80th birthday celebration. I was studying in the 11th grade and every class missed meant a lot of unwritten notes, especially in the science stream. One of my friends volunteered to write down my notes too and if it were not for her, I would have had a lot of catching up to do.

If I were to write down the help rendered to me by people along the way as I aged, I would need a book.

Even here, people help me a lot, especially in Splinterlands.

So, it is not a case of obligation.

We tend to help people because we feel the need to share the love from our heart and by sharing it, we are only increasing the love, not decreasing it.

Next time, if you come across a genuinely needy person, do not hesitate to smile and come forward to do what you can to help.
By doing so, you are helping yourself by feeling you have a purpose in life and wanted by someone.

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