The New Magic The Gathering expansion, ELDRITCH MOON, and the overall state of the MTG Universe

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Hello all again!
Welcome to my third installment of this little digest about the things i love and that also happen to be my job.


Many of you have played or met someone who does Magic: The Gathering, the incredibly popular trading card game that started a whole mini-industry on its own since its inception in 1993.

The fact that Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic , now Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) never has really put any effort in "external" (as in National TV) advertising, may led to someone to think that their flagship game is not worth of that attention.

Dead wrong. The numbers keep raising year after year, and nearly 25 years later the game is probably more popular than ever, with stablished multi-million dollar tournaments (in aggregate) in prizes around the world, in a complex PGA or ATP-like rankings system that allows that virtually from scratch, any teenager from a small town can earn the $250,000 prize and a full year super star pro-status, virtually living from the game.

Now in 13 languages globally, today at midnight is the Worldwide Prerelease of the latest expansion, "Eldritch Moon", and as usual is packed with high quality fantastic lore (Angels, Demi-Gods, Werewolves and the like).

The biggest addition to the game , and one of the most out-of-the-box in the last decade since the addition of Planeswalkers, are the "Meld" Cards, two already powerful cards that can be "melt" into a super-titan-of-doom .... That is comprised of the two former cards back!

Digievolves into....

(Yeah, Bruna and Gisela = Brisela, not a huge brainstorming, but hey, the game is supposed to be played from 8 years old to 99 ...)

Several Mythics are already pre-selling at $25-35 dollars each, which is not unusual. Although a bit heated in the recent years, the market for MTG singles is still bullish, with plenty of opportunities for either arbitrage, investment or pure fun.

If you are playing the prerelease, have fun! New mechanics and decks are being deployed while i'm typing. If you don't knew about MTG before, honestly, give it a try. Is one of the most challenging and fullfilling games i have come across. It can be a great game, a great investment and even a great collection, with world-renown artists doing amazing renditions of an ever-changing fantasy world. Few games can be so many things at the same time.

As always, thanks for reading and please leave comments! I'm curious to see what kind of readers find (if any, haha) my writings interesting... In this first posts i'm trying to be more generalist, in order to cover the majority of the fields i touch. As the time passes i will try to touch more advanced topics. See you here, Steemers!