We Now Own Part Of A Race Horse

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Hey all. I was asked today, in the Dragon Lounge to break down this investment [of part of a Race Horse] for all to see, and to give people an idea of the overall impact this has on our fund.

Firstly, when I awoke this morning and came onto my PC I had a message waiting for me in a private group I'm in inviting me to invest in an Australian racehorse. It's a concept I've never even thought about before, but if anyone knows me, then you will know that I only invest in unique projects since my thinking is if it solves some form of problem and it's the first one to do that then we're onto a winner.

Investing in a real life racehorse and owning part of it was pretty exciting. I've never even heard of such a thing. Hopefully this will bring with it a whole range of uniquely crypto backed real life projects in the future. So, let's get down to the cost of what we bought:

I spent: 2.57 BNB on the investment. It was a private sale and I was only allowed to put up to 3 BNB into the fund. I was told from that investment I would get around ~1% of the project. The idea is that the horse will earn us money and I will get a stablecoin on the Cronos network each week from the profits.

Total Investment:

  • 2.57 BNB = $790
  • $790 = 1,664 Hive

Total: 1,664 Hive

As for our current holdings (It's been a while since I did this) - let's work this out:

Cards: $99,406
Source - https://peakmonsters.com/@raymondspeaks/cards
Validator Node: ~$2000
Lands: ~$30,000
SPS: ~$6,000

Total: $137,406

$137,406 = 289,365 Hive


Brofund: 12,703 HP (hive)
Brofi: 3,340 Hive

Hive engine:

Brofund: $32,829

$32,829 = 69,135 Hive

source: https://hivestats.io/@brofund

Brofundholdings: $5,752

$5,752 = 12,113 Hive

source: https://hivestats.io/@brofundholdings

Total USD $183,605

Total Hive: 386,657 Hive

For base note: That works our token price at around:

$2.66 USD (or) 5.60 Hive

So that investment was 0.43% of our total wealth! Here's to getting richer.

We will be paid a stablecoin weekly from the profits of the project depending on the amount of tokens that we have in our wallet. My plan is to use the profits from this to build up our HP. I will also look into the profits in the first week and see if it is worth compounding my winnings into more tokens, or, just keeping it as is. We will see!


This is why i love Brofund and the Mancave experience - YOLO stuff like this. untitled.gif

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That's the first time I've seen a part share in a racehorse for sale using crypto although its a very common way of funding racehorses in the UK using FIAT. I think its more of a way to be a part of the racing community though rather than a solid investment, those big, beautiful four legged friends eat a lot of hay and trainers fees are astronomical but even so, if it wins a few races you'll be quids in!

What's the horse called so we can follow its progress please?

Website is here: https://cryptojock.net/

They have yet to release the horse, sponsors and celebrity endorsements! You can track it all, and even get involved too.

We were part of the private sale, but you can still list for the presale & public.

Thanks for that! I Love following things like this and good luck :-)

No worries :)

Hi Ho Silver, Away!

This is going to be interesting for sure!

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Well then, you can now say you "have a horse in the race"!


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Any plans to buy solid gold as an asset back up? Great going, Bro and Ray

Here in the UK, owning a share in a horse - being part of a syndicate, is nothing new, but doing so with crypto is an awesome idea. The thrill of going to a live meeting to watch your horse in action is just awesome, one i hope to experience at some point. We just had the Derby weekend at Epsom and some pretty big names were paraded on TV as part of their love of horses and racing, a lot of ex-footballers and managers in one syndicate for example talking about the prospects for their horse(s). We can't all be full owners but a getting a share in one is the next best thing, and if it is successful a profitable thing at that. Good Luck. Will be following this closely.