Road trip: 1st Farmstall.

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Road trip: 1st Farmstall.


We were on our 1st day of our two week road trip and taking it slow. Normally, I am in a hurry to get to my destination, but this was a road trip, with no plan and we took it slow, stopping at places where we would normally sped past!!

We stopped at the Rooi Kar Padstal, which if translated mean the Red Car Farmstall


The name comes from the Red Car standing at the front of the farmstall. This place had a lot of stuff for sale and one could also have something to eat and drink there.


We bought some Kebabs and Sausage to braai on our trip as well as some rusks to have with coffee on the way.




There were a few tame Meerkats on the premises.


On the outside they also had some sheep and goats, which children love when they visit the place.


We had some delicious milk tart to eat....


and some coffee to drink. We were in the middle of nowhere, but they had this interesting coffee bag to make coffee from, which I have not seen before!!


We had a great rest at this farmstall and soon we were on our way again!!

Although it is already Saturday, this is my contribution of #marketfriday as hosted by @dswigle

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


You always bring me someplace awesome! Happy #MarketFriday @rynow !! Aren't those meerkats so adorable? Makes you want to bend down and say hello! The Red Car Farmstall is just the type of place I would love to stop in, and I am glad you did. The road less traveled and all. Don't you love these places that know the right way to serve?

All that fun and food too? Really glad you stopped now! You even got something to braai later! Win! Win! Win! Who doesn't love a few goats and sheep thrown in for the fun of it? I love the baby goats. :)

The milk tarts! Yes, please! They look yummy! Was that a coffee with a teabag-like existence? I was having trouble making it out. Hey! This was fun!!! Let's do this again!

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It was percolator type coffee in a tee bag, with a plastic contraption to hang it from the cup and to squeeze it out when removing and before drinking.

On this trip we stopped at a number of farmstalls which I plan to post on for #marketfriday. We loved all the farmstalls.

I look forward to it!! I love them too! That is a cool way to make coffee! I have never had it! Was it good?

Yes, it was good, tasted like filter coffee.