Using Clever Messenger to Drive Your Marketing

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Facebook Messenger marketing is an amazing strategy for turbo boosting your marketing. But how do you do it effectively? Today I'll be sharing the tool we use to create massive waves of engagement for our clients.

Hello, Hi, I am Dennis Lewis, and welcome to a another soliloquy from a very secluded soapbox. Sorry, we’re starting a few minutes late today, I had some technical problems are going to just reach out quickly and see if we are actually working this time. So yeah, let’s, let’s jump in.

And hopefully this is going live correctly and we can have today’s content for you. So, here’s the deal. Yesterday, I talked about Facebook Messenger marketing, and yeah, good. Looks like we’ve got the all clear. So after a hard reset and a few other technical stuff, we are working well. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for Being here and listening today to our live stream. And like all Tuesdays, this is about tools and they say about, you know, very practical things that you can use in your business to keep your keep you better, more effective more, you know, get more for the effort that you’re putting in because in these times, I mean right now we you know, every, everything you do needs to be passed through a filter to see it. Are you doing the optimal Are you getting the most for your money.

And so yesterday we talked about Facebook Messenger marketing, and we talked about it being emailed a little brother, and it’s probably one of the most important channels that you could and should be using in your business. And if you didn’t see yesterday saw our live stream, it’s on my profile so you can get it there. You can look for me, Dennis h. Lewis on LinkedIn. You can scroll down and If you want the presentation the deck from yesterday, just leave me a comment either on this video or on yesterday’s video and I’ll make sure that you get a copy of the deck that goes through the advantages.

It goes through some best practices, tips, suggestions, and why Facebook Messenger marketing is such a powerful tool. But today what I want to share with you as a continuation of yesterday is the tool that we use. And so here we go. I’m going to walk you through just a quick introduction to clever messenger. And clever messenger is the platform that we’ve been using now for over a year. You can find it online clever and it is one of the more powerful solutions out there it is your boss it works.

The guys there I’m, I’m pleased to say they are responsive with their user support. We’ve used it on a couple of occasions, and they’ve always been there. And so this is the platform that we use to build very powerful assets with our, for our clients and for their, you know, for their Facebook Messenger outreach. And so what I’m gonna do is just kind of walk you through here, you know, hey, by the way, this is we’ll go to Craig, she’s a he’s an awesome guy.

He’s just, you know, if you’re, if you’re interested that that testimonial means should mean quite a bit. He’s a really smart marketer. Anyway, what you can do is you can build with clever messenger you can build. Not only can you build a list and broadcast messages to that list, but you can also use it to build a powerful chat bot for your patient. so that it can be semi automatic and interact with people.

We talked yesterday about being responsive and how a certain amount of automation can provide really fabulous service to your audience. Because people are getting impatient. They want a instant interaction. You can use clever messenger, also as the back end for doing your live chat. So you can put a, you know, a semi automated chat bot onto your website. And then also use the platform as an interaction with people when they have questions that your bot can answer.

And by the way, all of these people are being put on to your list so that you can send them you know, you can send them messages when you want to. So, yeah, they do create, automate, capture and engage. Just to kind of recap, we talked a little bit about this yesterday, but there’s over 1.3 billion active Facebook Messenger users Many of them 72% are confirmed online purchasers.

So if you’re doing e commerce, this is really important. You get really high open rates and engagement rates. And as far as click throughs, and stuff like that, compared to email, it is better. Now we did talk yesterday also about this email, in my opinion, it’s emails, little brother car, you know, you’re not getting the same relationship with the audience that you would be getting through email. You can’t. This is a different beast, the medium requires a different style of communication.

You really want to keep these two kind of short sequences of messages that kind of go back and forth and boom, and build that roommate that relationship on a very, it’s chatty, it’s very quick. It’s not It’s not for, you know, developing out a whole story, you know, and an in depth argument and kind of, you know, leading them through, you have to do it in bite sized chunks. But still really important stats there for you to look at, you can check out the video here. So you can build this chat bot without coding.

So that’s cool, you doesn’t require I mean, you know, there is a learning curve to all tools and I you know, I’m not saying that if you run a small you know, small solopreneur kind of your small business maybe maybe it’s better for you to have professionals like, like green life or like any other provider, you know, do this for you, but you can, you can roll up your sleeves and you can get in the dirt and you can make this work. So it’s not that hard of a learning curve, but it does require a bit of, of expertise. So if you need help, definitely reach out let us know we can help you with this.

You know, it is a tool for growing an audience And you know, even though we talked yesterday about that, this isn’t as secure an asset as having an email list because an email list is yours, you can take it anywhere you can use any autoresponder to communicate with your list. Whereas, you know, your Facebook Messenger list, it’s not so much tool, you could use cover messenger and then go to another one mini chat, whatever it is you decide to use, and you can’t, there are ways to go back and forth.

But the honest to God, truth is you’re still always dependent on Facebook. So it’s not, in my opinion, you don’t put all your eggs in somebody else’s basket. So this is an important asset, but you need to keep perspective that you know, hey, this is there is always a filter here, which is called Facebook. You can send messages to your subscribers, which is broadcast messages.

And remember we talked yesterday you can also build these into little sequences where you start off asking a question and based on response, then you give them one answer or the other. And you can, you can actually build a whole tree of views if you want. But just to start off, just keep it relatively simple, but that helps you make sure that you’re not just bombarding your list with by now stuff which will get you in trouble with Facebook. That’s not what they want.

But if you send your audience a question, and they answer back, yes, and that, that responses, they want more information, or they want that coupon code, or they want to learn more about a product that can help them, then you’re doing it the right way, because now that person is engaged, and they’re having a quality experience with your page. And that’s what Facebook really wants. So that’s good. You here’s the live chat sort of functionality that you can use, so that you know you can make sure that you’re stepping in, you know, you don’t want it to be completely automatic.

You want to have a personal touch to this but you don’t Want to dedicate, necessarily, you know, many, many hours a day doing this unless you have a really big audience. So this is a great tool to allow you to do that it comes part of the package. It gives you insights as to who your audience is, you know, there’s some demographics about them. And you know, you can, you can just really hone this in it’s a it’s a powerful feature.

So you can use tricks like the typing indicators, so that you know, whenever somebody, you ask a question, or they ask you a question from your chatbot can look like it’s typing before it gives the answer you can make it very engaging and very personal, so that you can create an experience for your audience. That really means a good taste in their mouth. You can definitely you know, you can do split test you can use, you know, you can broadcast to as big an audience as you have, you can use emojis You can use gifts in your in your messages so that they’re fun and they’re exciting.

And then you can take clever messenger and integrate it. So it integrates with, you know, with most of the major platforms for for e commerce or autoresponders for you know, integrates with Amazon. And then because it has web hooks, you can also integrate it directly with Xavier and go to just about anything. So you could, you know, create some really sophisticated flows that do a lot of really cool stuff and give you you know, and take your, your marketing automation to a whole new level.

Now, I’m not saying that by you know, building that is easy, it’s it requires a lot of skills and knowledge probably to build something really complicated, but that’s where people like us can step in and help you with that. But the tool is very affordable. is a very open to working with other tools. And I mean, you know, you can send you can send carousels with images that link to specific things.

You can send some lists, you can send files you can do, you know, you can make your, your chat bot here as sophisticated and as powerful as you want it to be. And also, you’re building this asset that you can use to communicate with your audience in a very Yeah, in a very powerful way. I’m gonna look here, I don’t know if they have their pricing on there. on the page, I think you have to go in here and you know, say you want access I’ll give you there’s a free trial.

There’s no there’s but this is the tool that we’ve been using for quite some time. And I can only recommend it. So yeah, that is pretty Much to live stream for today. We started off with some glitches but it was a quick one. If you’re interested in Facebook Messenger marketing, this is a great thing to have in your arsenal. And I’m going to end the day with a shameless plug for my book, Behold the crypto printers.

You can find this book on Amazon and Kindle version and paper version. Definitely recommend that if you’re an entrepreneur, you should know something about blockchain, you should know something about cryptocurrency and you should know a lot about using technology to improve your business. And that’s what these live streams are about.

That’s what the book is about. Grab a copy. I think it’s a fun read. I think you’ll enjoy it. If you have anything for me, please reach out if you need anything. Please give a like to this video. If it’s something useful, share it, you know, help us get up in the algorithms with LinkedIn. Thank you very much for listening and have a great Tuesday the rest of your day and take care of stay safe. Bye for now.