How to auto-Tweet a link to Hive posts you upvote

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About one week ago, dedicated Hiver, @ericwilson, requested a new 'votes feed' feature for HiveRSS. The feature is meant to help curation communities to build their presence on other social media platforms, such as Twitter.

For example, the 'votes feed' feature enables automation to automatically Tweet out links to any post voted on by a specified account. In this post I will walk through how to use the new feature and how to set up auto-Tweets.

The feature is up and running on HiveRSS and the usage of the new 'feed feature' feature is described at the bottom of the home page.


Posts Voted by a Specific User

Get a feed of links to posts recently voted by a user<username>/votes


Only include votes above a specified percentage weight, and link to non-default interface such as<username>/votes?minVotePct=<percentage>&interface=<interface-name>


What do to with the RSS feed

I use RSS feeds with a service called IFTTT (if-this-then-that) found at IFTTT has a library of many popular web services. I have used it before to send Discord messages every time a Google sheet has a new row, for example. There are many possibilities and it's very easy to use. In this case I am using IFTTT to connect RSS feed (trigger) to Twitter (action). IF <THIS: NEW FEED ITEM> THEN <THAT: TWEET A LINK>.

All you need to use the IFTTT service is to register with an email address.

Step by Step

  1. Get the URL of the RSS feed you want. For example:
  2. Create Twitter account (if you haven't already)
  3. Register IFTTT account and sign in.
  4. Click your profile picture at the top right and click create to get to "Create your own" page. IFTTT_screenshot1.png
  5. Click '+This'.
  6. Search for 'RSS' and click the orange square. IFTTT_screenshot2.png
  7. Click 'New feed item' IFTTT_screenshot3.png
  8. Enter URL for your RSS feed and click "Create trigger" IFTTT_screenshot4.png
  9. Click '+That'
  10. Search for and select Twitter service IFTTT_screenshot5.png
  11. Click 'Post a tweet' IFTTT_screenshot6.png
  12. Customize the Tweet format, add hash tags, click 'Create action'. IFTTT_screenshot7.png
  13. Review and click 'Finish'. You're done! IFTTT_screenshot8.png

A short while later, once a new item pops into the RSS feed, IFTTT will kick in and do it's job, blasting out a tweet to twittersphere. HiveRSS works with a bunch of other Hive-based feeds, too. You can use a similar IFTTT set up to Tweet out links to your own blog posts.

I hope this helps. Have fun! and let me know how it goes.


Thanks! Good to see you stopping by here.

Thanks! Let me know how I can help.

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is there a way to make this work for communities?

It should be possible. I’ll take a look.

You can get a feed of posts in a community. You just need the communities ID, like "hive-179690". The feed for new posts in the "Hive Skills" community is

The "votes" feed in this post must be One user's votes. If the community has a central account for voting, you can key off of that. Like the example for OCD:

awesome, works good for discord > rss sharing.

one thing, could you add the default links to please? is far too basic for community shares

You can change the site used for the links. Just add the interface=peakd parameter to the feed URL.