Hahaha that is a legit mask, looked like one of those Snapchat filters or something at first

I see people wearing a mask while walking their dog under the hot sun lol clearly they don’t know sun and heat almost immediately kills the Kung Flu but oh well lol let them “feel” safe

That's a cool maks.
"Not even for a joke", but for the video it's okay.
You are right that if it's in the car, it's game over.

I ride a crowded subway every day to work and haven't got it. I wear a mask on there. But I'm sure you don't just have random strangers in your car (you said alone).

I think if you are going through a drive-thru, or get pulled over by the cops, it's alright. I don't even wear it when walking down the street unless I'm headed into a crowded area.

Hahahaha. That was a maskman from Broncnutz zone. You look great 😍

😀 This is hilarious. I don’t put any mask on while driving alone. Just that I have these people in my environment that likes to do— hey man, could you help me to the junction? Some times I just loud my stereo. I don’t want the shitty Covid. 👻

Nice Mask !! ;)

I need something like that