Bluff Of The Decade | An Empty Threat To Set The Stage [Part 1/3]

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It's 2022 and still the world is upside down. While the official narrative concerning this ominous virus nobody has ever seen continues to get more audacious and illogical by the day, one really has to wonder where the originators of this latest societal mass scare intend to take this thing. And since leaving Albania for our overwinter stay in Greece, the corona hype is everywhere you look again. And man is it depressing to see the majority of people in fear again.

So many people in Europe are scared. And it seems the scare about disobeying the draconic "measures" has long outpaced the scare for that invisible, shapeshifting particle that can allegedly make you sick. It is becoming obvious - even to those on the fence about contagion theory and the questionable validity of the virus paradigm to begin with - that the so-called authorities are ramping up the fear in a way that seems inconsistent with their usual routines and tactics.

"Vaccination duty" they call it in the German speaking world.

And so many of those who are questioning the narrative and see through the illusion that is corona are really afraid of this " new law" that will somehow force everyone to have stuff injected into their veins; stuff that nobody would ever put in their cocktail glass voluntarily.

And this is exactly the thing that really puts this mass scare into perspective: How much noise there is about it, now before the fact. Wow.

Remember those other gazillion times when "laws" were passed that were directly opposite to the will of the people? Nope you don't, because nobody remembers those laws being up for public debate before they became "fact". They were simply passed quietly and we heard about them later...

In "Germany" these things used to happen during either Christmas holidays or - politics' favorite - during the World Championship of Soccer where the entire public is as distracted as can be.

Then weeks and months later some of the people find out that the public numbing with entertainment and mass ritual had overshadowed the legislative fraud that has been perpetrated at exactly that time of wide-scale societal distraction. But here is what strikes me so much about our situation today:

This time it's different.

The attack to come is literally advertised... which is rather strange. And so it might not be an attack at all... but a bluff.


You would think that if this alleged virus noone has ever seen really WAS such a threat to the world population in any way, we would not have elevated it to the defining topic of the decade in the public arena, Especially in context with the non-existent impact corona had in actuality. It is a mere fiction, not in any way different than regular flus people sometimes go through. It would have been ignored in the media, it would have been disappeared had it really been only half the threat the narrative is making it out to be.

They call these acts cover-ups. The BS story that somehow distracts from the underlying thing that happened, from the thing that is a threat or a direct danger to the stability of life in the matrix.

There was no cover-up with the corona scare, we were told from day one how directly massive and dangerous this thing allegedly is, and it still seems all media and politics have completely stopped talking about any other topic.

One could argue that the degree to which corona has been publicized, promoted and advertised is a dead giveaway that there is no problem at all, and that there has never been one except in the propaganda narrative someone wants out there. Again look around and you will see nothing different than years ago, only the people have gone full-on panic mode (which in itself will have actual detrimental health effects).

Same with the "vaccination duty". If the intent was actually to make a law people are somehow subject to, you'd pass it without ANY prior public discussion or promotion. You make it as quietly as possible and you surely don't put this pending political decision in front of the millions of people who would resist it. This is what I can see out there.

What follows is speculation on my part:

This is all just to scare people and to create chaos and friction. Chaos that will become the basis for what is planned to come after.

And so I don't feel that the way in which this narrative develops is where it will ultimately lead to. The fear scenario that has been painted on the wall so aggressively and overly noticeable is not how the world will look, it's just a useful step along the way. I feel it's a setup to tear the entire old structure down on purpose in the days ahead but I will dive deeper into that speculation in the second part of this miniseries...


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Perhaps you have not peeked under the hood of the massive engine of chaos bearing down on us, if you aren't fearful of it's eventual impact. My present assessment is that the entire force is being brought to focus on one demographic: children. The rest of us are a distraction, and temporary.

The best information I can find is the jabs cause an 8x increase in misscarriages. Worse, the spike proteins produced by the mRNA being transcribed as intended concentrate in the ovaries. It is extremely likely that most jabbed women are not going to be able to have children.

And then there's this:

Covid19: Children born during the pandemic score lower on cognitive tests . Not just a little lower, either, but over 20% lower. There's an attempt to divert blame for the cause to bad parenting, but if you think it's likely that mothers so changed their practices in two years to perform as badly as 1980's Romanian orphanages, reason isn't your strong suit.

Nowhere is there any mention of the elephant in the room: the jabs harmed the babies in the womb. The silence is deafening.

This is an attack on the children of the West, and few people are defending them, the most defenseless and precious of us. It's not a bluff. It's very nearly a fait accompli.



Hmm not sure I worded my post accurately then.
I agree with everything you have written here and in no way am I saying that these crimes we witness have no impact. It is one of the worst developments ever that will likely bring immense harm to not only all those individuals who fell for the scare and got the shots but especially to all their offspring.

What I might have failed to mention and what this miniseries is about is how the system structure will change in the aftermath. And I find it likely that this scare that is taking place is not how the "new" system will ultimately be like. They will loosen all this tyranny in order to introduce a new system, one that will seem like "finally a return to normality", a structure that most people will likely embrace happily (with all its new caveats).

The fact that so many people of today have failed this... awareness test because they agreed to get this poison injected under false pretenses... well I really feel for them and yes, it is very likely the damage has already been done.

We all have to live with our choices and nobody can say that there haven't been those who warned of getting the shot. Nevertheless it is disheartening to just stand and watch as people make choices with irreversible effects, even more disheartening than having those same people call you crazy for mentioning the dangers.

So we are completely on the same page here and I thank you for emphasizing this point.

On a related note, I have also tried to play devil's advocate (quite literally ;)) in a post a while back where this entire scenario we see unfolding right now is seen from a different angle. Radical but worth considering anyways, I'll link it here if you want to read about that idea.
Unpopular Ideas | Deadly Vaccines as Compassionate Catalyst for Humanity's Future

I feel very grateful for having you around, especially after I have been away for a long while, thanks a ton man.

I guess this article describes Corona as the bluff and empty thread, not the measures and "prescriptions" that are indeed deadly and hugely impactful.

That is sure an unpopular opinion. You really know how to play Devil's advocate!