IIT to offer Tech MBA

in #mba4 years ago

In my country persuing Engineering degree as Undergraduate is most common choice. I you are eligible in terms of your marks then you are most likely to get enrolled for an engineering Degree.
Of couse the other most common choice in such Populus country is Medical but that is for students that took Biology as their choice with PCM so the 1st choice for non biology students is almost and always Engineering from top institutions predominantly IITs.

Now in recent years a trend is been constantly observed in IIT (which is a technical engineering releated Institute) after completing their degrees, student mostly opt for MBA.

Knowing this recently increasing demand Indian Institute of Technology Madras is launching a first-of-its-kind tech MBA programme for its undergraduate (UG) students from all the engineering streams.

Ofcourse it will save a lot of time for the students who earlier need to persue MBA by investing their another two years just to get the degree

As of now the 1st batch is being planned for just 24 students from all over the India.


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