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RE: THE PERFECT PAUSE - Chapter Ten - Stress Busters

in #meditation13 days ago

Thank you, for these valuable reminders, Eric. Yes, I admit, I find farting noises funny :p

Silliness saves lives. Working on breathing deeper and not rushing. Also, learned from this post the neck massage which I tried out, now, and been keeping a gratitude list, lately, which is humbling.

Have a lovely day, my friend, and may all the good that you do return to you, manifolds.



Thank you my friend! I'm glad you've been able to try some of the suggestions. I use the pressure point trick quite a bit during speaking engagements when stage fright rears its head. I hope you and your family are having a great week.

You’re a sensitive soul; I, too, get stage fright and need to work on it. All well and, dare I say it, happy weekend around the bend :)