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I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!
It was cold and windy here but you can’t beat that view!




I read a magazine called Small Farms over the weekend and it had this article in it about geese! I have been planning on adding a couple geese to the homestead in hopes they will help protect the chickens and ducks from mink.


I had never heard of “weeder geese,” so I’m even more motivated to add them to the mix now, in hopes I can train them to help me weed certain crops!

Apparently they can often do a fabulous job and generally don’t eat broad leaf plants so if trained, they’d be safe to put out amongst beans, potatoes, beets and strawberries as well as others!

Sounds great to me!

My Incan corn is growing well!
I’m surprised I was able to get these beauties to sprout! The package said it was packed with extra as they had a less than 40% germination rate and that was when I got the seeds, which was like four years ago, so I didn’t exactly get my hopes up. But luckily I got these two plants going, and I just saw I have managed to sprout a third as well! So I’ll pop that one in the soil probably today. These are more for fun than a serious crop, but if I can get them to grow I can at least have more seeds for next year and will get to try them out.

You can read more on that corn here:


I keep filling out tray after tray of food plants, so many tomatoes!

I also started a whole bunch of celery, one of my favourite foods for sure! And I put together another big tray of kale this past weekend as well. The weather has been so good this winter, a decent amount of sunshine and temperatures that can sometimes be a bit too bitter cold for me to enjoy outside, but working in a sunny window works just fine!

In the top right corner you can see my toothache plant that’s successfully sprouted!

(That weird long thing in the middle with the stick is a mystery plant that sprung up from an old pot, maybe a deformed pea plant or something, ignore that 😂)


If you’ve never heard of this plant, you should probably look it up! What I know so far is that it’s part of the chamomile family, looking a lot like pineapple weed. It has a numbing effect that can really help when you have a toothache! Hence the name.

It seems easy enough to grow, and can be dried and stored so you can have it on hand for whenever you need it. I can’t wait to try it out, though hopefully I can just keep brushing and flossing regularly and never actually NEED it!
Either way, a super cool herb that will be handy at some point no doubt! 💕
Super excited!

I was talking about sketching the other day, something I did fairly regularly for a stint a couple years ago, but I have not sketched anything lately, aside from extensive garden plans.


I like to do quick sketches of faces. I can never get that perfect polished look to my pencil drawings, maybe it’s just lack of focus, or patience or detail, but either way I get so far and just can’t be bothered to perfect any of them enough to ever try and sell it.

There’s that Da Vinci quote that art is never finished, only abandoned, and that rings very true for me, almost always. Paintings I can get to a point where they’re close to done, but sketches I’ve never gotten even close.

I would like to get back into a face a week or something like that, more just to keep practicing and playing around with it. I do genuinely enjoy it when there’s no pressure to complete the piece to any level of perfection or “finish” it.

In cat news...

Cats are awesome.. and I love them..

Miss Chicklet, a lovely little senior, showing off her cuteness.


Snuggling in a blanket fort in the wee hours of the morning.


Venus having a nice nap and showing off that glorious tail of hers.


Stella enjoying a sunbeam.


And Chicklet again with her new salt and pepper look getting really noticeable now. She’s aging very gracefully that’s for sure!


Anyway, that’s my story today, hope you enjoyed the read and you have a really great week! It’s March! That means spring officially starts this month and I will be in full garden mode pretty soon! Yay!

Here’s some memes!











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Is that a sketch of Kurt Cobain???

It is yes! I’ve sketched his pretty face a few times LoL

I have, too! But not for a long time...