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The more I work on this guitar, the more I’m convinced that I cant just slap some traditionally used pickups on it. I mean, I could, but it would seem like I missed an opportunity to really make it different.

I’m considering putting some wooden pickup rings, which… would make it different I guess. I’ve not seen many guitars with such features, but it seems to me like it’s a little too little; if that makes any sense.

A little while ago I found myself in awe of guitars that break all the norms, if you will. I know going down this path would probably turn off the average guitarist, but I feel like If I don’t follow my gut, I won’t find any motivation to finish these projects.

Here's a perfect example of different but gorgeous... these are made by TAO guitars.


Now, I will grant you that my own brother would probably not gig with something like this, but I would be a proud luthier if this guitar was leaving my shop any given day.

What are your thoughts on this?



On that guitar the use of wood to hold the strings instead of metal makes pickup covers consistent with the overall choice to use wood where a metal part is more common. It pushes that aesthetic further, and increases its strength. Something to consider might be to provide both options with the guitar, making it a convertible, but that may be unnecessary and inconvenient.

It looks pretty cool. I don't think you can go wrong.
That is some spiffy woodworking @meno!

I want to put P90s in everything. 🎸

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