Saying goodbye to a special guitar

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I stand corrected on what pickups I slapped on it. It's actually a liquidfire and an Area 61. As it turns out, they sound pretty balanced and come out to be a great little combo.

There is enough versatility on this guitar for enough styles to be your main axe for a gig, no problem.

Thanks for stopping by.



It's a great looking guitar. I know Joe Satriani likes that sort of pickup combination. Yours is a bit of a mix with the old style tuners and that paint finish is a bit 80s. I hope the new owner loves it.


yes... the Satch has been using something like this for a long time. I sincerely hope he loves it too... it does bring a smile to my face when people like our creations.

juicy sound, bye to that old friend

What good news, I didn't know you were brothers! He is an extraordinary musician! But now I discover your skills with guitars, wow!!!!!

That's a beautiful and excellent-sounding guitar, it's a pity to have to get out of it!

unfortunately there are always bills to pay!

Cheers friend

btw, my brother is @pechichemena so he's a OG hiver/steemer too.

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