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Mental health and life

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So important to talk about, but yet so hard to talk loudly about. Why is it "more fun" to talk about its used arm with plaster than it is talking about its mental health and mental illness? We all know someone who has broken an arm or a leg once in a lifetime, as well we all know about someone who has worked through a depression or still living with a mental disorder. So why is mental health still so intriguing and taboo-laid - when it's so normal and when it's part of what we are?

Is it because we feel humiliated and embarrassed? Is it because we still believe that speaking of our mental health is the same as showing weaknesses? Are you weak if you easily stumble and break your arm than others? Are you weak if you have been so unfortunate and have a kidney stone, scars in the legs or migraines? No, we do not think about physical illnesses. We think instead, "Well, I got rid of that kidney stone and so good Mrs. Nilsen got her hip after the throat neck! It will be weeks and months of hard training for poor Mrs. Nilsen, but she's going to do it, she's so strong and Has so much to do ". While with mental disorders, one thinks differently: "I must be a weak person, I, who can not even get me out of bed", "I must be stupid, I, who can not take care of me Myself. My friend jamming me a weak person, she who gets anxiety only when she walks out the door "or" he must be really dangerous, he who hears and hears what we can not see or hear ".

Why do we think about ourselves and others when it comes to mental disorders? Why?!

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Clearly, not everyone is thinking about mental health and mental health at all, but rather talking about it, but it is not a question of the majority thinking that mental disorders and mental health are still Is taboo-tagged and "something you should not talk about". It has been the last few years, with much more focus on mental health in the media, blogs, etc., but yet we all have a long way to go when it comes to transparency, acceptance and understanding around this area.

Mental health concerns you every single day, although you may not be ill and need help to get on. Mental health is when you say to yourself that "I can do that!" Or when you are influenced by your mind to feel a sense. Mental health is so important, but something most people do not think about exist.

We have all our work, either after a visit to the orthopedic department for the fracture of the hip, or after the hospitalization of psychiatric hospitals for the mindset with destructive thoughts. We must wake up, people because the word "psychiatry" is not dangerous, I promise! It may be something new to something and something you may feel like a stranger, but how strange is it really? We all have a grandmother or grandmother who has always said they have "nerves". Perhaps they have not even realized that the "nerves" they are talking about are actually part of their mental health.

A mental disorder does not constitute the entire person who carries the diagnosis.

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Let's be open, attentive and understanding, no matter what kind of diagnosis you may have. Let's not be prejudiced and skeptical of the unknown, but rather spread knowledge around the area! Because this is as normal as physical ailments.

None of us can predict if we're going to break the bone on the ice tomorrow and neither of us can predict if it's just us who get an anxiety attack in the near future. None of the parts should be tabooed, for hello shit happens sometimes, and that does not mean we can not get up again, maybe we just need some help on the way. Peace and Love <3 :-)


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