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Hi Friends,

I have been on the Upland metaverse for a little bit now, and have been snatching up some properties. They recently opened another area for property NFT minting - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.


I picked up some Rio properties, so you can now find me in Rio sipping some Pinot Grigio I got a few properties near the beach in Copacabana, so perhaps I will build a large house there I can hang out at, virtually.

Still on the fence about whether this investment will pay off or not, but their UPX token has a fixed price, so technically I have done well on it during the current crypto slump.

Thanks for coming by,


We always wish that we bought a land which would increase in value in the future, so we can do it in Metaverse now :)

Very cool! I’m from Rio! Very familiar neighborhoods for me.

Nice! Would love to visit there sometime!

Congratulations! You just got the property. wait a little all dreams will come true. Thanks for sharing