Law of attraction: The most amazing theory

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First time concept like Law of attraction was given by Lord God Shiva, one of most popular god of Hinduism.


The state of trauma is much like the miracle of electric power or magnetic fields.

This is true not only in the distribution phase, but also in the import phase. In physics, the term induction is used to describe the quality of energy reflections where two bodies do not communicate directly, but tend to produce vibrations that occur from second to second.

Magnetism causes gravity in other objects further away from that space. Charged items often create similar vibrations from other items by import.

Heat waves are transmitted by ether, especially in the case of the Sun and Earth, which often produce variations in the temperature of distant objects.

Waves affect other things like these. For example, the famous example of a glass vase “singing” is a response to a sound heard in the distance. In fact, we see and hear throughout the process.

As also described in this way, mental miners tend to control and control mental vibrations over long or short distances and set similar vibrations among other mental powers.


The person who felt the strong anger was emitting a wave of mental tremor at that level. It causes the same feelings and emotions when someone else’s brain is touched, and consequently presents a “crossroads” or “dumb” or similar attitude to that individual.

Everyone knows how easy it is to fight a very angry person in a noisy room. People need to remember the causes of mob violence to see how easy it is for “hate and anger” to spread among tolerant people with them.

And they are not only unpleasant and emotional, but also pleasant emotions. The influence of a mentally strong person spreads to those around him and has a positive effect.


Teachers and teachers make loud noises with paycodes. This often creates a state of mind for the listener, depending on the tone of the speaker. How the speaker moves your emotions, or how the player moves you.

Remember how you did this, cry compassionately, tremble with fear, and laugh with joy, and you’ll see how mindfulness works.

But this is true as well as when someone sends a wave of thought. We may have complete knowledge and intent, but we may also be influenced by others (people who understand the story) far from us in the universe.