Eleventh hour foray into ETH mining

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Yes I know ETH mining is coming to an end. Get off my back already. I’ve always had a tangential interest in mining, but it seemed like too much of a headache. Buying all the equipment, learning all the technical ins and outs, figuring out a space to do it etc. Thinks changed when my cousin decided to pull the trigger and get into mining. He was late compared to me in crypto and was looking for a was to earn his way in vs just buying in at these prices. I figured I could learn through him so I’ve been closely monitoring his journey. The end result…

Couldn’t pass it up. Even with POW mining ending on ETH it’s still worth it. Plus if ETH does what it’s famous for and delays the upgrade, even better.

My rig is a 4x RTX 3090 machine. I ape’d in a bit too fast I think. Paid internet premiums on the cards, and didn’t realize that 3090’s are ridiculous power consumption monsters. I may have to get a dedicated circuit in my house just for this so I’m not constantly tripping breakers.

It’s also loud and hot. That’s the bad part. The good part is it’s pulling about 480mH which depending on the price of ETH brings in around $30-$40per day or between $900-$1200 per month. I went in with my wife and Dad for paying for everything and it’s all up and running now. Pretty exciting.

As I was about to write this post a did a quick search to see if Hive had a crypto mining community and I didn’t see one. Anyone know of one? We should def have one. Is anyone else here mining? Let me know in the comments. Until next time peeps.


Think JJ decided he was going to play around with mining Monero, both of us are pretty meh about eth ^_^;

If those graphics cards are good for rendering that's what I'd be using them for XD

I do't have sensible priorities apparently x_x

I'm too dumb for this, it's going good then? :D

Well one way I justified this was that I could always use them for rendering and yes, they are excellent at rendering. They're currently the fastest gpu in the world as far as I know so in gpu renderers, they will shred through pretty much anything. Although I didn't even hook that up because I knew the temptation would be too great 🤣

Reminds me when I was mining ETH first day out with a few GPU's getting like 7 ETH that day, then it dropped drastically to the point where it wasn't worth the sweat the heater was producing. Of course it would've been worth it years later but may as well have just bought some more instead, the bigger issue was of course holding onto it. :P

7 ETH per day??? 😳😳😳 Haha, So you're OG AF

Eh was just cause I was there waiting at the start, most of that came from the first hour IIRC.

Dang I'm liking the setup and the 3090s are crazy powerful and cost a mint! I believe they do 3x what my 1080 TI does so you're sitting good. Whatever you mine now you'll most likely be good to go for the long hold.

Also your right about ETH lol pretty sure they told us they would have a fix for fees etc back in 2017-2018 and it's now FINALLY somewhat being rolled out... I'm sure more delays are coming

The 3090's are beast and yea so is their price. Now that everything is all built I'm really getting into this haha.

better late than never! lol good luck

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