My Views On Koinos Mining

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So recently there has been a lot of fuss about this Koinos mining and a lot of people have jumped into it. I have been reading posts all day with people posting about their mining experiences. I admit all of that gave a bit of FOMO.

Koinos has an impressive team of dev who are hopefully gonna come up with something amazing in future. But I think I am gonna pass on this mining shit for now. First I don't don't have the kind of hardware to pull a decent hash rate, second is the buggy miner prone to stray off-course and third the ethereum gas fees required to post transactions are irritatingly high and varying.


But missing out mining doesn't mean its is the end of the world. Mining is not the final product.I were make a move on Koinos (should the project shows some potential), I would wait for the mining period of 6 months with tons of Koins accumulating in hand of few miners. And once its live on Uniswap, miners will move in looking to cover their ethereum investment and presenting decent buying opportunities.

What do you think?

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