Lets open up, everything will be back to normal... YEA RIGHT

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I found this fascinating piece of data thanks to Raoul Paul from Realvision that points to the fact that it is not going to be all right...

Let us compare some data points and learn


What the Data tells us:

In the face of the pandemic different regions have set up different rules according to the severity of the situation.

Arkansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota have no known stay-at-home-orders or business closures in place.

So if you take a look at the next graph which is data taken from the site of TOMTOM (the GPS tracking company) you can compare numbers from this week with the ones from the average of last year.


For a state that never even locked down there seems to be a lot less traffic around... Coincidence??

Let's try a few more cities all over the United States:


And this goes on and on... It is the same not only in the US but all over the world.
People are not going out unless they have to. They are not moving around in the cities even if there is no lockdown.

And I really do fear that this is not going to change anytime soon. When that reality sinks in, that means a few things:

  • Less spending
  • Less volatility of money as people and businesses try to save liquidity.
  • Fewer jobs to go back to since there is less spending
  • Companies have fewer customers and need to lay off more people
  • The stock market rolls over
  • I guess we ain't seen nothing yet

So what to do?

Safe have assets look like a good bet right now.

  • Gold is the veritable safe have since 4000 years
  • Bitcoin is a possible new safe have asset but with a lot more upside than gold.
  • people will also be looking online to find places to make some extra money. So who knows if a certain new and decentralized blogging platform and game hub could be an option?


Stay Safe


Foresight to the future and seeing the future holds good thing ahead

not so sure about that... maybe for the viewer because he can prepare

Yep it will go in waves; open up , close down, open up , close down.

People seem to forget that the spanish flu was much much more deadly in the 2nd wave.

All this is like a wet dream for the conspiracy crowd

yea, the conspiracies are popping up all over the place. it's kinda funny to watch

Stocks, gold & Crypto will hit new ATHs by end of the year - imo. Massive QE.

Much of FL is reopening. Restaurants have people sitting & eating. Beaches people everywhere.

is it the same amount of people as before or just a first crowd that has been released?

Opening in 3 stages.

The lockdown ended in Korea and it was never particularly strict. I went to work on the busy Seoul subway everyday.

We simply wear masks in public, wash our hands and report any symptoms to the authorities. Also, if you do catch it, game over for the next few weeks.

I don't think shutting down the economy is a good idea. Better disease tracking is a more effective solution.

yea, tracking is better and so is testing but I guess the people in Korea are better at following the rules and were used to masks after Sars so it was not that big of a shock