So Close to "Trillionaire" Status... πŸ™‚

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Looks like the Steemit wallet has finally been fixed πŸ˜‚... Have you checked your balances lately?


Went from over $800 BILLION down to:


A lot less... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

The fun game of 'playing the lottery' (you know, where you spend a few bucks to have a one-in-300 million chance shot of winning half a billion dollars) is a game almost everyone has played at least once in their adult life.

Imagine you had actually won the lottery and are now a newly minted hundred-millionaire:


Trick question though; instead of describing all the blow and vagina you would grant yourself unfettered access to,

how would you spend a portion of your money charitably?

Today is giving Tuesday; I'd love to learn how you would use that money to finance charitable means if you were ever to win!

I'll be giving 25% upvotes in the comment section to non-bot, fun and interesting answers...

For my part, the first thing I would do (living in the United States) is move to a state with no state income tax. Then wait 6 months and a day before cashing the ticket (you have up to one year to cash winning tickets) thus avoiding the state income tax hit on the lottery prize as a legal resident of a state with no income tax.

In a state like MN, where the top state income tax bracket is 9.85%, that's an extra $50 million to take home on a $500 million dollar prize...

Looking forward to reading your comments!

Thanks for reading! 😘

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I figure Icould use that $50 million to make factories, employ poor people, give them good salaries... and do it all a hell of a lot more efficiently than the government would πŸ˜‰


Take a mil and live on a beach in Thailand. Then give the rest to Beograd.

My plans would probably cost a little more than 500 million, however, I'll give it a try. First, I would buy a rocket, invite all the leeches (meaning royal families, presidents and other scum) to their first free trip to the moon. Then when they're there, tell them: 'Oops, we forgot about the way back...sorry.' Leave them there with enough food and water to survive at least the rest of some of their lives. Then have a movie screen on every wall and ceiling in their luxurious rocket, playing 'Titanic' in a loop... I'd say that would be a huge problem solved. Then with the rest of the money, I'd probably empower more men, women and children around the world with food, (crypto)education, health care, etc. Anything left? Well, I'm sure we'll find something to do with it...(like meetup with Steemians all over the world)

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Resteemed. Price is down, net worth skyrockets; that's the balance sheet of a billionaire.