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WOW MY HEART IS SO FULL. I have been very skeptical about all this until the #bitcoin ATM started dispensing money.

I am so excited to continue to share my #adventures and be part of discussions with you all. Maybe #steemit is what will help me pay off my student debt and begin the next chapter in life! I am SUPER PUMPED for life right now, thank you Steemit Community! Hoping to connect with a #whale or two soon!

PS I got Captain a big steak as I'm sure more than half of the upvotes were due to him being so darn cute :). Glad you love him as much as I do!



Damned magical internet money! Controlled by a central bank of unicorns and leprechauns!

I just wanted to see if it was real! haha. Thanks for your up vote!

I drink in that name. For unicorns and leprechauns! :D

Just FYI, that is the world's first bitcoin ATM in Vancouver Canada, at the Waves coffee downtown.

It sure is! shout out to #Bitcoiniacs

Really?! I didn't know that! Wow thanks for dropping that fact!

It's real! It's real! It's real!


There is some serious proof of happiness and efficiency to this whole project of cryptocurrencies... Joy! Thank you for sharing this with us and may the force stay with you, thrive on, namaste :)

Thanks so much, Eric! So much happiness. May the force be with you! & yeah hope it stays with me lol

Wheres my coffee?

I cashed out some to BTC today just because i could :] Ill be powering most of my steem up as soon as i get it in the future thou.

Did you save any of your money in Bitcoin?

Nice!! Unfortunately not, the excitement took over... But whatever comes next will def go to Bitcoin :)

We'll send people your way when the doubt the all mighty steem!

Please do! :)

@veerprit haha! Congratulations! I bet Captain was a happy boy today! The Bitcoin ATM is just amazing! I hope someday Steem ATM becomes a reality too!

HEY HEY! Hope your week started off as well as mine did. And Captain was a really really happy guy, living the life! Steem ATM would definitely make the process a lot easier/quicker.


still doesn't feel like real life lol

That is awesome! Hopefully those ATM's will become more and more prevalent in the near future. Currently getting your BTC in USD is no easy task, and definitely not a certainty using some of these 3rd party sites for wire transfers.

The fees were stupid -_- I hope so too!

What kind of fees did you incur, if you don't mind sharing?

Technological innovations at their finest working hand in hand! Forget the Steemit payout, look at that beautiful Bitcoin ATM!! drools

This is awesome. Go forth and evangelize.

WOW hahahahaha this is amazing! I KNEW IT WAS REAL!!!


AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right, @lizzie ?!?! SO PUMPED!

Super Dave is sporting his Genuine Saskatchewan Seal Skin Bindings and cool Canadian Cash....Look at all those Hundreds!!!!

CAN YOU PLEASE keep us up to date on how your power down goes. Each week you should get a payment! Thanks for sharing this post!! 😜

Wow, each week would be really nice!

We demand the sound track for that.

Great! i want the same=)

That first Bitcoin ATM experience is always magical.

Magical is the word!!! Wow, I've been trying to describe it but that is how I feel! Thanks @jrmoreau !

is it enough to buy cofee there?

surprisingly, yes! prices in Vancouver aren't thattttt bad ;)

Girl you are the best!

Congratulations , i know that feeling

Thank you so much! The happiness will last me for a while lol


This is hilarious! By the way i'm really amazed to see so many women on SteemIt, i didn't expect that at all.

Well, I am glad that you are happy, but in my country Poland I will not see bitcoin ATM in next decade. :D


It is true steemit money is real:) Great share beautiful!

Nice to see it works as advertised

steemit is absolutely real, i think this can help in increasing one standard of living

Cha Ching!

There's still time to enter the #bitcoinpizza challenge!

You can already spend the STEEM DOLLARS directly to buy things. Take a look at our las post! We are THE FIRST store to accept STEEM Dollars!

Amazing! Bitcoin ATM? How i wish it will come my country, Nigeria.

Awesome! Can't wait for that feeling in a week😊💕

I need a bitcoin ATM near me!

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