Monochromes From The Woods

Random photos I took in the woods. I've been taking a lot of photos in the woods. I live in a very special area with lots of woods, boulders and creeks, and I'm trying to capture it all.

I'm trying not to say anything about COVID or other controversial current event topics on Hive. My thoughts are not very popular, but then again, neither is anyone else's. We'll see what happens on the inauguration day. I think it could get ugly. It's nice to get off the internet and into the woods every day, even though it's cold. I don't even have a TV. Afternoons are when I've been going out. It's been above freezing every afternoon here in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

IMG_0783 2.JPG

IMG_0830 2.JPG

IMG_0827 2.JPG

IMG_0806 2.JPG

IMG_0914 2.JPG

IMG_0842 2.JPG

IMG_0852 2.JPG

IMG_0867 2.JPG

IMG_0885 2.JPG

IMG_0923 2.JPG