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Hectic week, so not really had much free time to post, so this is a quick one from tonights editing session..


Shot on a pink backdrop, I love the tones in the b/w conversion... Just love Amber's attitude showing through in the image... This was the first time I shot her in a studio setting and I know I've said this numerous times recently, but this just makes me want a studio myself even more...

Since @brianbrogan1960 's studio closed down, I've mainly shot location or in a house setting for boudoir... This shoot got my studio juices flowing again.

I've got a busy weekend ahead of a new job role starting on Monday, so I might not get chance to post again until next week.


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Hi @richgaynor

We replied to one of your comments a couple of days ago but not sure if you saw it, so here it goes again..

We are encouraging users to post the #monomad entries from our community. We are going to turn #monomad into an exclusive black and white community contest soon. Meaning that all the entries posted outside will not be considered and we would hate to lose yours.
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