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Mothers have the toughest jobs that begins the day that we we're born and they don't have day of for the job of a mother is never done

Just knowing our mothers is there, is like a cushion when you fall, when you are sick or you get hurt she will comfort us through it all

For no matter how big you get to her you will always be small and in you finds any troubles she will support you whenever you call

Mothers are life's true treasures, they deserve our love and respect, our mothers are chosen by God for mothers we don't get to select

Where do mother's find the energy? To do all the things they do, mothers are cook, nurses and teacher's they are chauffeurs, friends and police too

Being a mother is being a super woman, no task is too big to comprehend and the courage and strength of a mother is something they possess without end

There are so many sleepless nights, a mother will lay awakes by your side keeping you warm, protected and fed

It's what all the Holy Books said, we must always show our mother the love we have for them in so many ways

Many of us will leave our mothers home because the times just to go so quick and no matter how much you have grown, you will always miss your mommy when your sick

A mothers love is timeless, our mothers will always be there for us, let's show them that we love them everyday

Not just for mothers day and Christmas

To all mothers including my very own mother and the mother of my children

Also the mothers to be, I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day!