Letting your light shine

in #motivation5 years ago

your rise and shine will do three things on earth. It will make you known and change your life. It will help some people in the world. It will bring some glory to the Lord. But remember, it is something you are shining. You are shining the light given to you, which we have interpreted to mean the knowledge that you have.

the shining of your sun isn’t just for your benefit. It was meant to help people in the world. But, when you begin to shine, and as you begin to rise and those people are being helped, your own life too shall change.

You cannot shine and remain the same way. Whether from start or with time, your shining will give you joy, make you rich, make you known and bring glory to God in heaven. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, as long as you rise and shine, and you help people in the world, your sun will surely bring glory to God.