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After carefully observing what is going on in my immediate environment, I decided to discuss a topic tagged Stay Away From Toxic Relationship.

What is a toxic relationship?
A toxic relationship is a relationship that makes you feel worse, unwanted, misunderstood, disadvantage, discomfort and so on. A toxic relationship embodies all kinds of physically and emotional abuse. It is characterized by abuse, insecurity, dominance, self-centeredness, selfishness, e.t.c.


Image illustrating domestic violence

Domestic violence, from time immemorial, has been general phenomenon. A lot of homes have had their first love wrecked the havock of domestic violence, and resultantly, has made things fall apart. In this singular sickening and disheartening state, one question we need to ask ourselves is "where is their first love?". Because notably, every broken home begins with the profession of love or lust in disguise of love. Intending couples need to be sensitive of any toxic action by their partner before wearing the ring.

Today, many homes have more " men" than "gentlemen". You will be wondering if there is a difference between the two. Yes, there is.

Men are husbands who rule their home with the belief of masculinity. They believe they are the alpha and omega of their home and that they have unchecked and unquestionable control of their home. They exercise total dominance and supremacy in their home. In fact, they are autocratic in nature.

In contrast, a gentleman is a husband who does everything at home with perfect love. He does not control his home with iron hand but with simplicity. He is down to earth and treats his wife like an egg that must be carefully taken care of. This type of men are rare in our society. be continued.