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...A lot of wives/women today undergo mental, physical, psychological, physiological and emotional downturn in their homes and relationships. Their husbands have turned themselves to causative agent of distress, agony, pain, regret, tears and sorrow in their homes. They regret ever getting married to him. But what would they do?

Image illustrating domestic violence

You need to understand that your spouse is a key success factor in your life. Either you will succeed or fail, your spouse is a key factor. Either you will live long or die untimely, your spouse is a determining factor. Even as a Christian, either you will make even or not, your spouse is a key factor. Once you get it wrong in marriage, you already get it wrong in life.

More so, before you marry, you need to know if your spouse have the capacity to grow with you. You need to know if your spouse can grow with your vision, dream and ambition. Marrying a wrong person can be likened to sentencing yourself to life imprisonment. The best gift you can give to your children is marrying the right spouse that can make you the very best you can become, enjoy life and make you fulfilling. Your sanity in marriage is determined by whom you marry. Do not overlook any form of abuse or violence from your partner during courtship.

Marriage is designed to be enjoyed, not managed. Marriage is not for abuse, mismanagement or violence. Love is commitment, not just feelings.