There and Back again

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An unpublished video from my archive of content. Motivation.
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We are live in TG doing a test of the DAPP. Join us!


live tasting! congrats on the desktop app! the video is running great for me. love your message brother. everyday is a new opportunity, with its ups and downs. it's about being present, trusting the process and loving what you do always giving your best. that is the only way that whatever you share really touches other minds, souls and hearts. if you vibe with what you do, your surroundings will resonate. and everything develops from there :)

i'm live tasting. the video ran smooth for me. I agree! the most important thing is to enjoy the moment, being present, loving what you do. congrats bother

This is a rad deal. We are seeing progress made. Great job to the entire Spknetwork team.

testing the desktop app. video plays, downloading to ipfs node. comment

Finding 'ZEN' at the top and the bottom.... Reminds me of a story... in a monastery a monk was meditating and clearly struggling with some difficult and horrifying thoughts.... 'just let them go' said the master, and he settled back down into peace.

The next day the same monk was sitting with a big grin on his face, clearly very happy.... 'Just let it go' said the master.....

Plays fine, I'll try the download now.

I love what you said and thanks for sharing Spknetwork, I joined that TG already. Keep supporting us with your contents and efforts. Regards from Indonesia.

Impressions are very touching for me, I have felt everything but what I have to do now is enjoy every process with a smile, whether it's hard and happy. Keep spirit all :)

Testing with another account

Greetings and thanks for the support given to spanish community. God bless you forever.

Hey, this is just a test comment from the 3Speak Desktop app.

Keep your head up and say blessings for a new day and today is an absolute beautiful one indeed....

Here is to a beautiful day from me and puppy dog and hopefully you have an amazing day too.


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Sadly I can't watch it on other devices :(

Ohhh! I wasn't opportuned to watch you live but I know you have done well and done a great job