Being Happy With What You Have At The Moment

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The happiest people are not those that have everything at its best but the people that make the best out of the things they already have.

When you look at this popular quote holistically, you will understand that what makes someone happy should not necessarily be tied to material possession, otherwise their happiness may be short-lived. Happiness should come from the satisfaction of what you have instead of looking to have the abundance of all things. As a matter of fact, material possession are never enough, so if your happiness is tied to them, and you realize that you have not gotten what you want, you may feel sad.


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The truth is, many of the things that we do not count as blessings are blessings in disguise but we may be beclouded by the fact that we expected more, so we tend to attach less importance and less appreciation to them. If you will be able to count every good thing you have ever received - both the ones you asked for and the ones you did not; you will have every cause to be happy.

It may interest you to know that the things you see as challenges are actually answered prayers for someone. I give you this as an example: It is the desire of everyone to get a job after graduating from college right? If the job is delayed, it may cause an unhappiness in the heart of the person. However, there are people whose earnest desire is to be able to make it to college. But you have a college degree but have not gotten employment yet. To those people, what you see as problem is the solution to their own problem.

To be happy at each point in your life is not a gift. The fact is, challenging times will come and that is one of the proofs of our existence. However, you should focus your attention on a more important thing instead of allowing your challenges to set a precedence for you.

A point should come in your life when you will have to convince yourself that you are the one that should dictate your own happiness and not someone else. This starts by accepting what you have and celebrating it. Instead of fighting tooth-and-nail to acquire what you know you cannot, try to be happy with what you have first. This is not to dissuade you from aspiring for something bigger but to make you know that if you cannot be happy with what you have now, you may not be happy when you have more.

I saw a particular depiction in a home movie that sent ice cold chills down my spine. A family that was below the ladder financially, suddenly got visited by someone and when he was leaving, he dropped some foodstuffs for them. The way this family celebrated these items was amazing. To the eyes of others, it was not much, but to their own eyes, it meant everything to them. This is just to let you know that it is not the size of what you have that makes you happy but the heart with which you receive them.


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If you choose to be happy, you will see countless reasons that will support your choice. In the same way, if you want to be sad, you will still see what to make you feel sad. The bottom line is; your happiness (or lack of it) is a direct function of your choice and your perception of life generally.

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