Nothing Is Worth Compromising Your Integrity

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I remember a few years back - about 10 years ago, during the BlackBerry smartphone bubble, owning a BlackBerry phone was seen as a major achievement. Many people did a whole lot of unwholesome and unworthy things just to own the phone. Many people had to sacrifice their integrity and self-worth for a piece of electronic gadget. Now fastfarward to this era, if someone gifts you a BlackBerry Bold2, you may consider it as an insult. But the same was not the case a few years back.


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The thing you would want to compromise your integrity for today, think deeply and tell yourself if it will matter as much in the future. Whatever you do today is exactly the same result that you will meet in the future. If you cannot keep your integrity in little things of today, how do you hope for magic to happen to make you to keep your integrity in the bigger things of tomorrow?

In this corrupt world, it will always pay at the end to follow the path of honesty and integrity. When you are enticed with goodies to make you tilt towards corruption, remember that you have a future to protect. Most times, what they do is to give you "today" and take away "tomorrow" from you. Integrity may seem like a very costly virtue to uphold, well that's true. However, the price of dishonesty carries a far bigger weight, so make your choice.

When people know you for your integrity, they will entrust things to you and know you will remain accountable. On the other hand, when someone has traits of dishonesty, no one will want to associate with them and no one will entrust something of value to them.

The advantages of integrity rests first on the carrier before any other person. There are many favours you will enjoy naturally if you are marked for high level of integrity. Furthermore, if you are looking for someone of integrity, you have to first fulfill the requirement. The standards you set for others must first be fulfilled by you first.

Trust me, dishonesty and lack of integrity is not by mistake. It surprises me when people give excuses for their acts of dishonesty. Well, just to let you know, you made the choice with consciousness. You will know when you are trailing the path of integrity and when you are going against it - this is one of the things our consciences have delivered into our hands.


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The world may be full of many cruel things and the height of dishonesty may increase but this does not give you the excuse to join others in their ill acts. Remember that inside the midst of darkness, the person that carries the light will be the person that others will follow. In the same way, the person that maintains their integrity in this world that is ladened with gross dishonesty is who people will seek for.

In conclusion, always have this knowledge at the back of your mind: every action (which includes acts of honesty and dishonesty) has particular consequences and results. So think of the results before you let off an action.

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Peace on y'all


Hello, I agree with your reflection.
"Integrity may seem like a very expensive virtue to maintain, and it is true. However, the price of dishonesty carries a much greater weight, so make your choice."

I believe that being honest is part of the personal characteristics that we must maintain at all times, and not justify or excuse ourselves for not being honest.

Greetings, happy life!

Thanks a lot for the nice comment. I'm really grateful.

Cheers and have a blessed day

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