The Power Of The Words We Speak

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A lot of people speak because they want to say something or just because of fun but the truth behind words is that they have power beyond measure. Some occurrences in people's lives are the impact of the words that have been used in the past. The term "careless word" is always almost non-existent. No wonder a popular wise saying has it that:

The wise people know when to speak and when to be silent.


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There are times when you will realize that silence will hold a better response to a certain situation than speaking. Words themselves and how you use them have the propensity to either build something up or crash something. Having the words to say - even though they are the right words, is just one thing, but knowing how to effectively put the words into right usage is another thing.

There is a way to reuse the same words as you did before and they will mean entirely different things. This is just to let you know that communication goes a long way beyond just the use of lexicons and it also covers other things like tone, etc. The truth is, there is a way you will use words, even though they are right words, and you will end up being wrong. It takes an extensive level of maturity to be able to decipher when, where, and how to use words rightly.

Many people believe that the mouth is the only organ for speech. Well, it is worthy to note that what the mouth gives audible voice to is what is proceeding from the heart/mind. This means that it is from the abundances of your thoughts (mostly dominant thoughts from you subconscious mind) that the mouth speaks. Besides that, there are many other tools that aids the vocal or verbal communication - like the body languages and other expressions. These are parts of what give power to your words.

The way and how you speak is entirely your choice to make. It is quite weird that people use their "nature" as an excuse for using words negatively or rudely. Everyone has the inert ability of the choice of the usage of words - positively or negatively. The people that use words positively do not have special gifts to do that, it was just a choice which you can as well make.


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In the face of the things that represent negativity, you do not need to speak more negatively to your situation. Positive words spoken will spur you to take the right and positive actions and in taking that action, you will be sure to have positive result. However, it will be almost practically impossible to speak positively if your mind is not full of positivity.

A point may come when you will be tempted to use negative words but when you remember that you cannot fight and conquer darkness with another darkness but by using light, you will not yield to the temptation. Always remember that words, when spoken, cannot be recalled without hitting their target. Also remember that you are ultimately responsible for the result of what you have spoken.

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