I, Robot - Movie Review

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When I, Robot starts we are introduced to detective Spooner, a bad ass cop with an unmatched hatred for robots. After the mysterious death of the scientists who created these robots who "by chance" is also a friend to the detective Spooner must embark on an investigation that will not only lead him to find the truth of the death but to find himself.

This movie is a double sided coin. On one hand the movies story as a whole was unoriginal and the mystery element added in an attempt to make it seem fresh did not pay off. Due to the fact that an evil business man is used as the main suspect but he is literally given no motive. And no back story. Which gave me no interest. On the other hand its a cliche story but the story itself is told very well. I was completely invested from start to finish and I never once found my mind wandering.

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The pacing was done really well and the action was phenomenal despite the heavy use of CGI. On a side note the story has some soft undertones of religion focusing on things like god and the soul and compassion.

I personally didn't agree with them but they didn't take me out of the film because they weren't jammed down your throat. On the other hand the characters weren't written very well and completely relied on the...

Will Smith as Detective Spooner was easily my favourite thing about I, Robot. The character himself had sub-par rating but Will Smith brought life to the character and it really kept me invested. Not to mention his character was written with a lot of cheesy dialogue especially in the humour department, and yet Will Smith made each of them funny or just bad ass.

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On the other hand we have our supporting role Suzanne Calvin played by Bridget Moyhan? What the fuck is it with these names! If I was chosen to remove one thing from this script: Hit the road Bridget and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, NO MORE!

Not only was the character of Suzanne written horribly she is a scientist and she looked at evidence straight in the face and rejected it. But the way Moydahan acts the role is completely unbelievable. Those crying scenes are not fooling anybody.

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Sonny played by Alan Toodick? Tudick? Tyudick? was a very interesting character. He was not only written well but Alan did a good job bringing the character to life. Literally bringing the robot to life throughout the script. I just can't make up my mind about this movie. Music in I, Robot was really well composed, especially the theme.

However the heavy use of CGI took me out of the film on some occasions. During the action scenes this was fine because of how fast paced they were.However when there was a close up on one of the robots faces it kind of felt cartoony and just felt off.

All in all I, Robot was a decent movie. Its not the greatest action movie I have ever seen and it is definitely the greatest mystery I have ever seen. However it does do some things right, if not for Smith I probably would not have even finished it.


I was scaried with this movie ;)

I should watch it :D