4 Uncomfortably dark Movies You Should Watch For Your Growth

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Every human grows (or diminishes) depending on the content they consume.

Dark movies challenge what you believe about society and the human experience in general.

They Involve a dark memory from your life or from human history OR they showcase the possibility of an uncomfortable future.

And if you look deep within, dark movies simply amplify disturbing thoughts that you've already had at some point in your life.

Why watch them?
To grow your perception of the world

These are 4 of my favourites:


Brad Pitt stars as a man who is born old.
Benjamin Button ages backwards.
That means, as the movie progresses he keeps getting younger while the world around him (including the love of his life) gets older.

benjamin butto.jpeg

Why is it dark?

  • The Movie is not such that you feel like you're viewing life from his perspective.
  • Ageing backwards throws up unexpected challenges.
    Many heartbreaking moments in this film.

How will it change you?

  • This movie exposes the isolated nature of the human experience.
  • After it you'll relearn the one bitter truth about life: 'You're born alone, You'll die alone'
  • Life is a series of beautiful encounters with memorable souls. But in the end, only their memories remain.
  • The movie also subtly highlights the trials of old age.

This one will stay with you for a while


A Movie based on an 1854 biographical novel of Soloman Northup. Northup was a man who was born free. But because of unfortunate circumstances, he found himself conned into becoming a slave.

The movie highlights the dark side of American history. While most of us have heard of the history of slavery in America... This movie is a descriptive retelling of the trut.

It takes us along with it's hero Solomon Northup, right from the time he's a regular, respected family man to being tricked into slavery to spending 12 dark years as a slave to being rescued finally.

What makes the movie darker, is that it's based on true events. Many of the scenes are difficult to watch.

12 years .jpeg

Why is it dark?

  • It highlights how evil and unidimensional humans can get, if they're not exposed to multiple perspectives.
  • It is the most raw, most gut wrenching depiction of racism you'll ever witness on screen.

How will it change you?

  • The movie's biggest lesson is this: Humans will readily commit sins and act in evil ways if society tells them it's okay to do so. Slavery is widely condemned today. But at one point in history, it was accepted as normal.
  • For me, the modern day equivalent of slavery is animal slaughter. Just because we've been told by society that animals can be eaten as food, doesn't make it right.
    -An evil is an evil, even if it seems right to you. One must always question their own actions, especially if they spread any pain.
  • This movie made me question the nature of human society in general.


A Leonardo DiCaprio masterpiece. This one is set in 90s Africa. One of the most intense, most brutal phases in recent history.

The movie is all about the 'blood diamond' trade. Diamonds that are unethically and illegally mined and sold in order to finance civil war.

An exciting story that take us along with Leo's character (A soldier turned smuggler) and the lead character Soloman Vandy ( A poor fisherman who is separated from his family, and forced into diamond mining)

while it is a fictional story, Blood Diamond showcases the true Brutality of Africa in the 90s.

blood diamond.jpeg

Why is it dark?

  • The movie has a happy ending. But the path to the ending is anything but happy.
  • Diamonds are considered the greatest of all luxuries. This movie takes us to the origins of this so-called "luxury".
  • While one part of the world's society enjoys the beauty of diamonds, another part of the world's society has to bear the brunt of the creation of luxury.

How will it change you?

  • It will expose you to the helplessness of war torn poverty.
  • It will make you question the nature of material luxury. An empty pleasure of modern day society. While those diamonds look pretty on your body... WHAT has their journey really been like? What has their journey really fuelled? The same goes for other modern day industries like oils, plastics, transport.
  • Blood Diamond will make you question the nature of modern consumerism.


Joaquin Phoenix stars as Joker. The movie is about the origins of the Batman universe supervillain, 'The Joker'. What really goes into the creation of a 'supervillain'?

Is evil inherit or is it an outcome of circumstance?

I do not enjoy. sad movies. I do not enjoy movies about humans portrayed as 'victims'. But this movie is a must watch exception.


Why is it dark?

  • Firstly, because of Joaquin Phoenix's performance. The man has had his own share of mental health issues. Throughout the movie, you can see him portraying the character as if it's a movie based on HIS OWN past. Cannot imagine the amount of darkness Joaquin Phoenix re-embraced to portray 'The Joker'.
  • The movie provides a fitting and extremely painful history of the Joker character. The questions and excitement you may have before you watch this movie, quickly turn into your discomfort and pity while you watch it.
  • it's one sad movie that you'll appreciate every bit of.

How will it change you?

  • while the movie is about a comic book character, the film is about mental health issues. Joker is not a Batman supervillain. Joker is a possibility within all of us.
  • Imagine your mental health being diminished to a point where you forget what happiness feels like. That's called clinical depression. The movie is about that state of mind.
  • depression is often caused due to undressed childhood traumas or a traumatic upbringing. And the unfortunate truth is that it's very much a part of modern day society.
  • This movie gives you an inside look into a depressed man's soul. And how depression can lead to self destruction or even worse...outward destruction.
  • The journey of Joker from a 'good guy' to a supervillain is painful, thrilling and gripping all at once. Watch this to change your own perspective on mental health.

What's the darkest Movie you have ever watched? And why?
Comment down below.


Thank you for writing about these movies and I like your writing style because it helped me read and understand easily. It is really sad when we think about the past because it is full of dark and horror and many movies are basically portraying what actually happened in real life.

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12 Years a Slave and Blood Diamond both have dark past attached to them, and the latter is still relevant.
I enjoyed The curious case of Benjamin Button as a thriller.