65 Sci-fi/Action Movie Review | An Unknown World

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Right now I would have love to make use of liketu platform to make post tonight but is like the server is somehow down because I keep getting error when I try to login through hive keychain and the site isn't even loading the whole page but nevertheless, I had to talk about a sci-fi movie I watched today, actually saw it on someone whatsup status who happened to run a telegram channel where we can easily get access to movies file to download, since this somehow look interesting from the trailer he dropped, I just had to download it straight away which cost md around 660mb or there about.



It was based on 2 individuals, a man who was the pilot and had a catastrophic crash with his crew and those he was transporting into an unknown planet which was earth and this was way back when all the prehistoric creatures still exist, like most of the animals that are now in extinction like the dinosaurs which they really use a lot in this movie. After the crash, he thought he was the only one alive and he decided not to call for help and at some point thought of just committing suicide since he lost is beloved daughter but fortunately for him, he couldn't do it and was kind of looking for a way to leave the planet since there is an asteriod crashing right into planet earth. While on his mission to find an escape way out of the planet, he found another survivor, a little girl who also was stranded like him and was also looking for her parent.

He decided to made this girl his own mission to safeguard her from the dangerous creature roaming around the planet while trying to reach the other ship high up the mountain area. This escape mission as I called it was really a dangerous one because of the tough challenges they met along the line which almost killed them. If I was in his shoes, heaven knows I wont even last an hour on that God-forsaken planet, he had to fought a lot of creatures and at some point he almost give up but the little girl was re-kindle his surviving zeal with his late daughter recorded videos.

In as much as the movie is interesting, there are some part that look like a mystery or I couldn't find how possible the scene is, that is actually the last part where the guy had to face the last dinosaur and somehow trick it to the part where there is a boiling water eruption, that location distance to where the girl was in the ship was clearly far but all of a sudden, the girl was there to attack and blind the dinosaur eye before the final eruption hit it and it die, that part kept me wondering how possible can that be but actually, without that part, the guy might just die but I was kind of happy when they were able to leave on time before the biggest asteroid hit their location and blew everything.