And I know... the story

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...and I know, the title is might be a little misleading ;)

I want to share the story behind my song 'And I Know' with you.
(this image is a frame from the video)

It was one of those late evenings, that hours when the mind starts rambling. At one point this song came from 'cosmic' thoughts on society and life, knowing there could be a better world.
(this is actual an image of the session i wrote the song)
To get a little philosophical here: if it were a general thing to accept that someone else could have another opinion, and extremists could apply that, there would be no extremism any more ;)
In this regard, the song is also about opposites, and things i don't understand. The struggles and grinds all of us have to go through, and the moments we think life is unfair; until another moment comes in and puts us in a wonderful place.

These are the lyrics:
and i know_Bkgd.jpg

...and that's the video, so if you feel like, you can sing along now :)

Hope you enjoy the song, and have a wonderful Weekend!

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Cool song. Hope it's going well for you. The lack of live music is a pain, but some friends and I have been busking.


you're right @steevc., but at least it's possible doing live streams. it's not quite the same, but it's playing ;) ...and Thx for the BEER, Cheers!

That was a nice tune, and thanks for the words and your meaning behind them.

Thanks so much @bashadow for taking the time and listening! Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe

Nice song and lyrics!😃💪🔥

Thank you @dexpartacus! Enjoy your weekend

Thanks you too! Keep it up! 😉

Gonna do so, and give it my best😃👍

Nice song and video 🙂