another Tuesday

in #music13 days ago

yes it's Tuesday, so i thought it makes a good fit introducing you to the song.

First written unplugged for the Album one i did this second version of it within the re-plugged singles.

The idea to the song came from the circumstance, that when i was working as musician and sound engineer, my week mostly started of on Tuesday's, and therefore it was the day when i mostly left home for going tour. It also covers the emotions i felt when being away for some time and the longing for home got stronger. And that's basically it.

The unplugged Version is in a West Coast Blues style, and even if the biggest change to the re-plugged version is the sound, it made it a rocker ;)

Enjoy it, and have a rocking Tuesday


That rocks! Hope your Tuesday is good.


Big Thanks @steevc! It was, till i heard of EVH's passing :( Let's have a beer on him!

That was a downer for us all. I know he liked a beer, perhaps just too much.

RIP Eddie.

Yep, but maybe it wasn't the beer. Friend of mine runs a brewery. He states that a beer day is equivalent to an apple a day :D

Hey @acguitar1, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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