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Finally found the time to improve the patching possibilities on my Rack. It did cost me 15 Bucks for Rack Panels. Besides making it easier to change between rehearsing and recording, it also gives a better overview what device is connected where. Till now it could be a pain up the a... figuring out where i have patched something in😁


Wish you All a great week👍


What gear do you have in there? Keeping things organised saves a lot of time. I have a basic setup with a mixer going into my interface, but I like the idea of some outboard gear such as a reverb and maybe a compressor.

Hi Steve, most of the connections are between Mixer and Audio Interface (Ins, Outs, Inserts). I utilize two FX (Alesis Quadraverb -> for Vocals, and Lexicon Alex -> perfect reverb for guitar and snare drum), so to say Veterans of their kind ;). There's also an Roland GP-8 (you know, the Mike Oldfield guitar thing -> even more vintage than the FX's). I tried a few compressors but till now i haven't found one i really like. But there are a few more pedals i use (Like Boss VE-500 for Vocals). In my experience (before the Compressor) microphones have the biggest impact. As soon as i am satisfied (enough ;) with my setup i will do a post on my gear and signal routing. Have an awesome week!

I was looking up some of those old units on ebay and they can still fetch a good price. I actually had a MicroVerb that someone gave me, but I swapped it for a pedal, a compressor actually. Should have kept it. I have not experimented much with mics as I only have a couple. I am always interested to see what other use, especially when they have a limited budget.


Hi again, and thanks for the ENGAGE Tokens🙏 I was lucky with a few Mics, like a matched pair of AKG C414 EB's for a bargain. But one of the best price / value mics i have is this one: t.bone Retro Tube II
Maybe i should do an overview on my Mics too ;)

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You're welcome @acguitar1, nice motivation! 😉👍