Check Out the Debut from 33!

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Thanks to everyone who supports my efforts to spread awareness and empower humanity. Today I am releasing my debut mixtape as 33. This is a gift to you! Jam it and spread it around please! Music video coming soon!

  • Derrick Broze



Keep it up man, you do great work!

angry little people. I link Hive on my front page, I mention it in videos. Get over it.

you're awesome

acidyo is killing HIVE


1 view.

How about views on Odysee/LBRY?

Or Bitchute?

It's almost as though he has a much larger viewership on other platforms, and most people don't watch videos on 3speak...

So if he's getting a lot more views outside of Hive, and dropping his Hive link and shouting out Hive in those videos... it's almost like he's promoting it to a bunch of people not using it yet.

Last I checked he wasn't linking back to Hive from any other platform except an icon on his website. You'd kind of expect to see some activity here eventually if he has that much viewers and shouts out Hive, no? Why are you or others on Hive not watching his videos on hive dapps?

From the description of the same video (on Odysee)

He also talks about it whenever the topic of social medias comes up.

Myself and a few others (like dbroze) are looking at organizing a #HiveHouse for content creators at & around a few events coming up, like #TheGreaterReset in January and #Agorapulco in February - to help get them really up to speed, deep dive into communities & tags, create a bunch of content shouting Hive out for their channels elsewhere, and hopefully get everyone at the event up and running.

PS. Are you seriously voting for a witness that promises rewards in exchange for your vote?


So I just listened to Same Mother, and I love the minimalist pads beat. I was actually surprised by the lyrical content. ​
A lot of truther-based themes that sort of reminds me of a little rapper by the name of O.D.D. Reality who does songs on similar topics.
Weird thing is Soundcloud doesn't seem to work in Brave browser anymore. I saw it playing but it had no sound, and finally I tested it in Chrome and it played.

But I definitely dig the sounds man.

Forgive me, but I have to ask a couple questions:

What made you go with '33'?
I mean, I know it has ties to the elites, and the hidden hand/occult. I've heard different thoughts on what it means, and I used to think it referred to the one-third of angels that were cast out of paradise with Lucifer.

I might have asked you this before, but which DAW do you work in? I THINK you said Cakewalk, but can't remember.
Also do you have any thoughts on Bitwig Studio? I'm testing it out at the moment, and I'm quite impressed. But I don't know if I need it enough to pay the license. I currently use a free replica of FL-Studio called LMMS.

Keep up the good work bro. I love the message.