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Here are 3 great songs by The Crests, a DooWop group from New York City featuring Johnny Maestro on lead vocals. We'll hear one well known Crests song and 2 lesser known ones. All are up tempo so get ready to dance!

Step By Step

A well known Crests song about the steps a man goes through as he is falling in love with his girl.

First step, a sweet hello. Second Step, my heart's aglow!

Seventh step, we took a chance; one kiss and true romance!

Its a drum and bass backbeat with violin accents. Johnny is fabulous on lead and The Crests provide great harmony.

It Must Be Love

Sounding like Dion and the Belmonts here! A little bit of Why Must I Be a Teenager In Love, but faster. Let's rock!

Pretty Little Angel

Stomping backback with bells as accents! I love the sound of bells in music and they fit here perfectly!


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