Boss Hoss by The Sonics

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Back in the early 80s when Garage Rock was starting to be appreciated again, there was a radio station at New York University which was WNYU at 88.1 on the FM dial and they played Garage on their Mod Monday show. It ran for 2 hours every Monday night. They played many original Garage Rock songs from 1966 as well as some of the new Garage Revival bands.

Here's a song from 1965 that was foundational in Garage Rock. It's by The Sonics from Seattle Washington. The name of the song is Boss Hoss and it's about a fast car that girls can't resist! They played this a few times on the Mod Monday radio show.

It's painted in turn on red
Girls see it and it knocks 'em dead
I get around just everywhere
People stop and say lookie there
I get all the honeys and I've never lost, cause
It's a real boss hoss, Real boss hoss


The song features a killer drum beat, rough loud edgy vocals, and a sax solo! It's from their first album.

Another powerful song from that same disc is Psycho.

The video clip that the uploader added to this sound track, according to commented "Star Chained Heart" is "from an original play called "I Remember Foxtrot" starring Bob Kaliban and Lada St. Edmund. The play was produced by WCBS-TV NY in cooperation with the American National Theater and Academy and Brooklyn College for the CBS owned "Repertoire Workshop" series. It originally broadcast on CBS on April 9, 1967."

You can see that complete TV show ("I Remember Foxtrot" / "girl in a cage"), and other clips of 60s dances, here: