DooWops - Love Songs!

in #music5 months ago

Here are 3 super sweet love songs in the DooWop style!

Band Of Gold

This one was done by a few bands - it is called Band Of Gold, by The Roomates. I heard a version on Mad Men, the popular TV series set in the 60s.

I never wanted wealth untold, my life has one desire!
Just want the little band of gold to prove that you're mine!

The Bells of Rosa Rita

A simple guitar and piano doowop tune, with vocal bell sounds. Done by The Admirations.

The bells of Rosa Rita will tell the story of
a boy and girl in paradise and how they fell in love!
Oh ring out, ring out, ring out, ring out, wooo-ooo-ooo-oooh!

Ankle Bracelet

It was the thing to do back in the 50s through the 70s - give your steady girl an ankle bracelet. In the 70s they wore them around their neck with a chain extender. This one is slightly more up tempo. Straight from NYC by The Pyramids.

My darling, oh darling, I need you so!
No other but you dear does my heart long to know!
Wear this ankle bracelet, symbol of my love!


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