Garage Choir? Electric Lollypop - The Lightning Bug!

in #music11 months ago

Okay, here's a unique song! It has the grungy lo-fi fuzz guitar like many 60s Garage Rock songs have. But the vocals sound like they are a kids choir!

Pressed as a 45 with ID of EL1, I imagine this is the only song ever recorded by this band and label. It's kind of cute if you can understand the lyrics. And the music is kind of catchy!

The lightning bug is a friendly little beast. Loved by all, and you see what I mean in the daytime, in the daytime! He isn't very long and he isn't very tall. His tail lights up but he's never seen at all, in the daytime, in the daytime! He's a night time creature in a lightning bolt...

At 1:45 the band and choir go completely out of sync but they pull it together in a few seconds. I like the end...

The Lightning Bu - u - u - ug! The Lightning Bu - u - u - ug! The Lightning Bu - u - u - ug!

I wonder if Electric Lollypop heard "Don't Want Your Lovin'" by It's Us. It sounds identical in parts. Maybe its the same band with different singers!

Many times I've said these words to you. And I'll tell you now, I never will be true. I don't want your lovin' anymore! (Don't want your lovin' anymore)


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