I'm Gonna Leave You - Simple Garage Rock Song

in #music2 months ago

Here's a cool but simple Garage Rock song called I'm Gonna Leave You by Sanz, Incorporated. It was recorded back in 1966, the best year for Garage Rock. The description of the video tells you who was in the band (all teens) and that it was recorded in Santa Claus, Indiana, USA.

This song features organ, bass and rhythm guitars, drums, lead and backing vocals. It starts with the bass and drums, adding the organ and rhythm guitar. The vocals are lead and one or more backing voices in great harmony. There is a bridge but no guitar break. It's over in just over 2 minutes.

The description also gives the lyrics, and I'm putting some of them here with my slight changes:

Say that you love me, and you'll be kind.
But you're too late, I'm leaving you behind.
You were untrue, you cheated on me.
So why keep beggin', can't you see that
I'm gonna leave you,
I'm gonna leave you!

Blast this and get up and dance! Then replay replay replay!


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