She'll Love Again by The Cascades! And Their One Prior Hit.

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The Cascades were an American band who had an international hit in the early 60s with a song called Rhythm of the Rain. anyone who ever listened to their local Oldies station on the radio will know this song! I'll add a video for it at the end.

She'll Love Again

In the Garage Rock era, The Cascades had this cool rocker called She'll Love Again. Apparently recorded in 1965 we can hear the change in music that had happened with the British Invasion. This features a more over-driven guitar, maybe a 12 string guitar. The drums are a bit louder and faster. The vocals are great, both lead and harmony, just like in their one big hit before.

She's waited patiently all Summer
for the one she loves who went away
What will it do to her when she knows he's found another?
Will the rain come down? (Yes her teardrops will fall)
Will the sun go dim? (Oh her eyes will see darkness)
Will it be the end?
Oh no, she'll love again!

There's a pretty cool guitar solo after the first 2 verses which goes on for about 20 seconds. I think I hear The Beatles influence in there!

Check out the other cool song from The Cascades!

Rhythm Of The Rain

This video has 25 Million views on YouTube! That should give you an idea of how well known the song is. It's a nice pretty song with a xylophone or maybe that's just the guitar. I can't find anything online to show there was a xylophone or harpsichord, just guitar which may have been played by Glen Campbell! Enjoy their one big hit!