Photographing From The Crowd - Australia's Thundamentals

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Nothing says "Australian Hiphop" like a live show at the local pub by Aussie legends Thundamentals.

Feel free to listen along to one of my favourite Thundamentals songs while you read along

For those of you who haven't heard of Thundamentals. They are an Australian rap group with a distinct sound and are not afraid to hide their accents, often writing songs that share a common thread with the middle class of Australia. Playing at the Shoal Bay Country Club the venue was small and packed to the rafters, literally. With a few hundred people standing shoulder to shoulder in a space far too small, swaying with the music meant swaying with the crowd. Krystal and I were lucky enough to be at the front which came with the benefit of being within reaching distance of the singers but also the draw back of suffering the roughest part of the crowd.


With flashing lights and a generally dimly lit area it was near impossible to get a clear shot colour photo so I settled with the high contrast black and white look to capture the scene. With the artists jumping around and the crowd following suit it was hard to capture any decent photos but I managed to get a few that shared the intimacy of the event as well as a few that turned out like a dogs breakfast hahahaha. (See below)


I've seen my fair share of live music but this was the first time I had heard Thundamentals live and they didn't dissapoint. I won't lie, they aren't my favourite artists and I am not a massive Aussie hiphop fan but their ability to work the crowd was great and they sounded amazing live, so I definitely walked away with a new found respect.


What I love most is that they never stray to far from their origins as small town local Australians, making sure that their shows are accessible to people in the cities and in coastal towns alike! They keep it intimate and high energy and I hope you were able to get a sense of this from the pictures shared :)

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Looks and sounds great from your excellent review. I can’t get your link to work so will have to check out their sound somewhere else though. 😎

Hey thanks Sally glad you liked it! I think I fixed the link too :)