Pandora's Box - Goodnight Friends

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This is the last piece of music from Pandora's Box I'll be posting, unfortunately.

We did these recordings during a really fun and inspiring weekend at the Conservatory, but we intended for these songs to be demos, to facilitate bookings for live gigs, not for commercial release. (Yes that's pretty much how things were done back then...) We never got around to recording any of the live gigs we did, nor did we do any more studio recordings, unfortunately. We did plan on doing a full album, but other projects got in the way, and we were all so extremely busy at the time, that it just didn't happen.

This fourth and last track from our weekend session, features, well, me. Enjoy!

Gunnar Halle - trumpet
Anders Banke - tenor saxophone
Johan Norberg - trombone
Johan Segerberg - double bass
Carsten "Calle" Mathiesen - drums

Since the #musicoin platform is just about as alive as my great-great-great-great-grand-uncle, soundcloud it is, for now.

A couple of thoughts on @dsound, in case you're wondering why I'm not uploading to there. @prc has - interestingly - come out of the woodworks after the HIVE launch, and moved dsound to a new domain, migrated dsound to HIVE and revised the reward policy as can be seen here, which sparks a microscopic hope. (Be prepared for more hot air than at a balloon festival though.) Dsound still haven't cleaned up their ludicrously incomprehensible and redundant tags or updated the abysmal front-end though, so I'm not holding my breath. Oh, and good luck trying to listen to anything older than a few months - "migrated" might not be the most accurate term to use. Feel free to try and convince me otherwise in a comment below, or to point me in the direction of a viable blockchain alternative.

Until next time, be safe.

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Source notes: Pictures/designs/photographs/music/etc. in this post are by me unless stated otherwise.

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