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RE: Blessed Lammas/ Lughnasadh (Harvest Day) and Fields of Gold COVER and video

in #music9 months ago

I love to see your name appear on my feed. Our very own beautiful soul. I absolutely adored the video, it's totally sublime. One of my all time favourite songs but I just felt the tempo was a little quick in your cover. Slow it down and we would have more time to enjoy your voice!!
I hope you are safe and sane and not allowing your free spirit to feel too trapped during this lockdown :-)
Every happiness to you.


thank you, that is really sweet, I'm a slow poster but because I like to simmer things slowly. I've been told the tempo is fast in my cover, and I actually made a slower version first but it felt "dragged", thing is it's not faster than the original, just arranged differently but later female cover songs were slower. I did as it felt like to, still the song has a melancholic vibe, my only doubt is that some words are complicated to "gather" with so many harmonies and at such pace, but tempo is not faster than Sting's version, it's just an impression of the arrangements. But I've seen all female covers I've seen so far are way slowerl

I would love to hear you cover a Katie Melua track please! For me, your voice would be beautifully suited :-)